Kreem – The beej mantra of Kali

Kreem is the ekakshari bija mantra associated with Hindu Goddess Kali. Ekakshari mantra means the one word mantra or single syllable mantra. And this ekakshari beej mantra associates with Devi kali. The one who represents the death, time and darkness (end of darkness). She has no beginning and no end. She is the boundless, infinite and free. It is the shakti mantra and the beeja mantra which in itself is the powerful mantra of Devi Kali. The blog gives the complete insight about the Kreem Mantra.

Navratri – Celebrating Nav Durga

Navratri, one of the important, sacred and colorful festival in Hindu Religion. Navratri worships Goddess Durga as Nav Durga. Moreover festival is about knowing and praying various forms of Goddess which are the epitomes of power. These feminine aspects have the ability to bring in anything desired.

Dus Mahavidyas – 10 aspects of Goddess

Mahavidyas are the esoteric form of Shakti. Tantra reveals their mysterious, powerful and true form. Each aspect of 10 mahavidya breaks societal norms and shows powers of women over men to convey no one should be differentiated on the basis of gender or looks. Denying the social norms mahavidyas represent the form of Shakti. She is warrior, protector, epitome of beauty, giver of all comforts, nurturer and giver of salvation.

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