Kreem – The beej mantra of Kali

Kreem (क्रीं) is the ekakshari bija mantra associated with Hindu Goddess Kali. Ekakshari mantra means the one word mantra or single syllable mantra. And this ekakshari beej mantra associates with Devi kali. The one who represents the death, time and darkness (end of darkness). She has no beginning and no end. She is the boundless, infinite and free.

Kreem – Shakti Mantra

Shakti mantras are the working force behind natural powers like fire, water, earth, air, sun moon, electricity. And all the powers of cosmos mentioned or not relate to the feminine aspect of energy. We worship them as Goddesses. Further each energy resonates at particular sound, beeja mantra. So there is a bonding between natural forces, Goddesses and Beeja mantras. The mantra of these Goddesses are called Shakti mantra. Shakti means the power. Therefore we can say that Shakti mantras are to worship the Goddesses, the feminine aspect of energy.

So is the Kreem or krim (क्रीं) mantra. It is a shakti mantra, which is associated with a particular cosmic energy and a Goddess rules this energy. Beeja mantra Kreem is of Goddess Kali which represents the natural force of electricity.

To simplify: Beeja mantra: Kreem (क्रीं), Goddess or Shakti: Kali, Natural energy: Electric energy.

Kreem – Beej Mantra

As such Beeja mantras (seed mantras) do not have any literal meaning. They represent the energy and vibration. They are the seeds which consist of blueprint of tree. Undoubtedly the great power lies in them. Chanting bija mantra connects to that specific energy and accelerates the growth rapidly. So does the KREEM BIJA MANTRA. It connects to the energies of Goddess Kali. Kali is the transformational energy which also represents the end of evils and protects. On gross level it not only frees from phobias and fears but also gives power to face off. On deeper level it is the journey from jeeva to parmatma, from shakti to shiva, from being miserable to divine.

Beeja mantras can be chanted as single syllable or even as the part of mantra. For example, in “Om Kreem Kalikayai Namah”, Kreem is the part. Resonating with the vibrations of the bija mantra reveals the power of the seed. So, both the ways, either chant it as a whole mantra or the element of mantra, are going to connect you to the energies of Kreem.

Like ‘om kreem kalikayai namah’ is the salutations to mother kali with her seed syllable. In this way it is giving meaning to the mantra. So it is upto the practitioner where he feels connected. If you feel connected to syllable only, then practice that. Or if you feel the connection with the longer mantra chant that. The only thing is to chant with faith and feelings. Meditation, chanting or just listening are the different ways to connect to the sound. Feel the resonance and vibrations, connect to the sound and just be there.

To meditate on the kreem mantra:

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Is there any meaning of mantra?

Though kreem seed mantra does not have some specific meaning but there are few translations which will give insight of the mantra. It will be helpful to those who cannot practice in abstract form. When we give meaning, form, shape or color to anything it will be easier to feel it. Like if I say apple, but you have never seen it then what is the apple for you. Nothing! You might feel the disconnection. But if I say it’s red in color, round in shape and juicy then you got at least some idea about it. And knowing something about apple will connect you to the apple more than not knowing at all. And maybe this is the reason behind idol worship. One feels more connected to God in shape and form then the absolute abstract brahman. So let’s see what kreem holds:

‘K’ represents ‘Kali’, ‘R’ – ‘Brahman’, ‘Ee’ – ‘Mahamaya’ & ‘M’ – ‘The dispeller of sorrow’. This single word ‘Kreem’ represents the power that is beyond time and death, that who is absolute divine brahman, who manifested as the world which is illusionary, mahamaya and that power is the dispeller of worries.

So in the prayer form we ask for protection from the illusion & evil forces from the divine. We chant this Goddess Kali mantra to dispel the misery, sorrow and darkness inside the mind and outside too.

Kreem has great power of transformation at all levels of body, mind and consciousness. As we have already said this can be chanted as ekakshari mantra (single word) or a bigger mantra. But usually in tantric cult they are combined to form powerful mantras. The more faith and respect you have towards the mantra the deeper is the result.

What should be the goal of chanting?

Kreem has a electrifying and energizing effect. But it all depends on the goal of practitioner. What he wants to achieve, what is the intention behind meditation or chanting Kreem beeja mantra. It can be for channelizing dharma, realizing moksha or for material gains. It can grant different desires depending on the quality of mind.

If the mind is sattvic and urge is for the spiritual upliftment, Kreem will free from all the illusions and realizes the true self to the seeker. While if one is luring for protection from evil forces then it will free you from all the fears and protect you with love. And if you are desiring to destroy your enemy this will do that too. Hence, all depends on the mind of seeker what he seeks. Because what we seek we get. Energy flows in that direction where we are intended to. So keep the check and clarity in thoughts to choose the goal.

Time, Death, Karma & Kreem

Kali is the goddess of transformation, time and death. And this seen world is in the time zone. Past, present and future happens in the time. Birth, life and death all happens in the dimension of time. And mahakali is the goddess of all these. Moreover the concept of karma works in time dimension only. We born according to karma we did in previous lives and we die according to the karma only. Hence karma and time go hand in hand. We suffer because of karmic issues and the karma we are doing currently.

So kreem is the mantra that not only releases the karmic issues but also frees from the bondages of all karmas. This is the liberating mantra or the moksha mantra. The kreem mantra raises the vibration to the source and connects to it. The chanting of the mantra is so powerful that it can manifest, destroy or return to the source.

The Electrifying Effect

The electrifying effect of the kreem mantra is the electrical force which is present everywhere. Modern science says that our brain has neuronic circuits. These electrical impulses in the brain send and receive the messages. And this system is known as nervous system which is based on the electrical energy. This is how electrical energy of the Kreem mantra is already flowing everywhere. Let’s take another example, water flows and eventually we can make electricity from it. But actually the electric effect is already present in the flowing water which comes into the gross form by some processing. So the vibration of the Kreem is associated with the flow, be it the nervous system, the flowing water, the moving prana or the lightening of the clouds.

To feel the electrifying effect of Mantra, here it is given in the longer form of “Om Kreem Kalikayai Namah”

Chant, meditate and share your experience!!! Kreem is the magical, powerful and protective mantra which is already there and we just have to feel the vibrations within. Manifest life with the kreem mantra.

We will share more knowledge about the mantra in future blogs.


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