Beej Mantra

Seed of MantraS – Beej Mantra

Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande

“All that is outside you is within you”

The statement says ‘all that is in universe is within you’. Here You is Pinda which means Microcosm & universe is Brahmand which means Macrocosm. Thus our body (Pinda) is the miniature Universe (Brahmand). The whole universe is originated from sound and vibration. Everything is sound in the universe, so in the body and each cell vibrates on particular sound. Chanting or saying any word will generate a sound. Sounds are the source of creation, maintenance and destruction. If one wants to create, maintain or destroy anything in life and beyond life THE TOOL IS SOUND. In vedas, ancient Hindu scriptures this tool is given as Mantra and the root of all Mantras is Beej Mantra.

Introduction To Beej Mantras

Beej Mantra is made up of two words i.e. “beej” and “mantra”. The word
beej means seed and mantra means a word or group of words which protects mind. Hence beej mantra means the short term sounds generating from the combination of varnas (letters of sanskrit language).

“Beej mantra can be defined as small vibrating sounds by recitation of which one’s mind can protected.”

There is an other way to understand Beej mantras. The word ‘beej’ means ‘seed’. Seeds are small in size but they are potentially strong in nature storing the code of whole tree. When we plant seeds, after some time they begin to sprout out. With proper care like watering right amount at right time, exposure to light and providing fertilisers and nutrients from time to time then after hard work of some monthswe get results from that seed. In same way we plant these beej mantras in our mind with proper care by following disciplined lifestyle and soon get results from this beej mantra in many ways like wealth, health, fulfilment of desire and most important calmness of mind.

Beej mantras are storehouse of power of spirituality and contains good amount of hidden potential energy. These mantras directly work on mind of the individual hence they help to come out from critical psychological conditions in life for e.g. anxiety, stress, conflicts, frustration, depression etc.
Beej mantras are the small vibrating sounds and when these small sounds are combined together in different patterns they form a bigger version of vibrating sounds known as “Maha Mantras”. As Beej mantras act as basic units of maha mantra they can also be termed as power house of all the maha mantras. If an individual recite or chant these beej mantras with focused mind and with full surrender towards the deity they help in achieving the success in life plus they also satisfy all the desires and boost the spiritual life of practitioner. There are many types of beej mantras and each beej mantra has its own effect on mind as well as on body. Some of them are as follow:-

OM: ॐ
Om is the universal mantra in tune with cosmos, or we can say it the sound of universe. In almost every religious ceremony, starting anything in normal life, and before every mantra this beej mantra is invoked. This is the sacred incantation made before beginning and after ending of spiritual texts. This beej mantra contains three syllable i.e. A, U & M. this three syllables represent three stages i.e. waking, dreaming and deep sleep simultaneously.By recitating the beej mantra one can tune himself with the universe and every desire of life can be fulfilled. This is the mantra for meditation. in almost every religion Om is present, whether its shiva panchakshri mantra Om namah shivaya or the buddhist mantra Om mani pae me hum.

The sound of Om resonating in universe.

The three letters form HAM beej mantra i.e. ‘H’, ‘A’ & ‘M’. The word H represents lord hanuman, word ‘A’ represents protector from problems and the M represents removal of sufferings. Hence by recitation of this we pray lord hanuman to remove all types of miseries from our lives. Lord hanuman is god of power and character hence the person who chant this mantra attains a powerful physique with pure character.

This mantra is made up of three letters i.e. ‘GA’, ‘A’ & ‘M’. The letter GA represents lord Ganesh, letter ‘A’ represents destroyer of problems and letter M represents removal of sufferings. One can attract intelligence By chanting of this mantra within few days and soon bad time will transform into good luck. All the obstacles vanish off.

The four letters forming this mantra are ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘E’, ‘M’. The letter K represents the Lord Krishna, letter L represents divine glow, letter E represents king of yogis and letter M represents removal of sufferings. Relationships problems ward off by chanting this mantra, level of understanding the situation increases. Lord Krishna represents the “Vishnu”. And Vishnu is lord of all the business in the world.
Hence chanting of this benefits in your business, it can rise to great heights.

The word saraswati is made from word “saras”, Saras means to flow. Recitation of this mantra imparts knowledge because its deity is Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. ‘Ai ‘ stands for Saraswati, and bindu ‘M’ is the dispeller of sorrow.

This is very powerful beej mantra. Recitation of this beej mantra destroys all enemies and provides great amount of strength, fortune, protection, health, wealth and a successful life.

SHREEM: श्रीं
Chanting of this beej mantra gives wealth, material profits, successful business or profession, elimination of worries, protection, beautiful spouse, happy married life and all round success. ‘Sha’ is Maha Lakshmi, ‘Ra’ means wealth. ‘Ee’ is satisfaction or contentment. Nada is the Brahman, and bindu ‘M’ is the destroyer of sorrow.

In this incarnation of Lord Narsimha lord vishnu has manifested himself in very unique form. The head of the lord is of lion and rest of the body is of human. The head of lion represents bravery indicating fighting spirit in all odds and confidence of victory over evil. In this beej mantra word ‘ksha’ represents Lord Narsimha, ‘ra’ represents lord brahma, ‘au’ represents teeth’s in pointed upside and ‘m’ represents the bindu which means destroyer of sorrow. This is very powerful protection mantra.

Here we have mentioned some of the beej mantras, there is long list of beej mantras dedicated to deities.

Importance & Benefits of Beej Mantra

Benefits of Beej Mantra Chanting In Material Aspect:- Here word material means all the desires which an individual want to fulfil in the outer world. With the help of beej mantras one can attain great success in material life like achieving success in examination, gaining wealth and can destroy the enemies etc.

Benefits of Beej Mantra Chanting In Spiritual Aspect: – Spiritual aspect means the inner world, the journey within towards the center. By understanding the potential of these beej mantras, one can start journey inside. Chanting of these mantras gives the knowledge of our real nature, peace of mind, controls wavering mind, gives higher powers(siddhis) and makes our intellect sattvic.

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