Offering Water To Sun God – Surya Arghya

Hinduism is based on science, faith and love. Our ancient sages have discovered the facts, logics and benefits of many things, which propagated as beliefs and rituals. Each ritual has great significance based on scientific logic. We, so called modern man may or may not be able to find the logics of all but that doesn’t mean our rituals and rites have no basis. They are built on firm foundation and are beneficial to all.

But on one thing both Vedas – the ancient knowledge and todays science believes that Sun is the source of life and they understand the importance of Sun. Life is not possible without Sun. Sun is the supreme God. From vedas to puranas, many scriptures have mentioned the worship of God Sun.

He is the one who is not only a life giver on earth but also he disciplines planetary system. He is the center of solar system and considered as King, father, & soul. Sun is the dispeller of darkness and a guide, guiding the path of daily routines by lighting up & waking us from the sleep and similarly a guide to spiritual sadhana.

Surya Sadhana

There are many techniques or sadhana of Sun (surya dev) to reach the goal of life. Be it mantra, yantra, tantra, tapa or gyana. Since ancient times our sages, householders, all offer water to the supreme life force Sun at the time of sunrise and sunset along with reciting the shloka (verse) given. The shloka is a prayer to Lord Sun while offering the water as Surya arghya.

एहि सूर्य सहस्त्रांशो तेजो राशे जगत्पते|

अनुकम्प्यं मां भक्त्या गृहाणार्घ्य दिवाकर|

Ehi Surya Sahastransho Tejo Rashe Jagatpate |

Anukampya Maam Bhaktya Grihanarghyam Divaakar ||

Ehi-He Surya–Sun Sahastransho = Shastra (thousand) + Ansh (part) Tejo–Light (aura) Rashe–source Jagatpate = one who nutures the world (jagat) Anukampya–Anukampa (blessing/compassion) Maam–on me Bhaktya–devotion/faith Grihanarghyam = Grihan (take) + Argya (offering, water here) Divaakar–another name of Sun

 हे सहस्त्रांशो! हे तेजो राशे! हे जगत्पते! मुझ पर अनुकंपा करें। दिवाकर मेरे द्वारा श्रद्धा-भक्तिपूर्वक दिए गए इस अर्घ्य को स्वीकार कीजिए।

In this prayer we are worshipping Lord Surya with different names like Sahastransho, tejo rashe (source of light), Jagatpate (nurturer of world). We are asking for his blessings and acceptance of the argya (water) that is given by us with full devotion and faith in Him.

We start our day with the prayer of the Lord of Day, Sun. Surya Arghya is one way of Surya Aradhana on daily basis, which anyone and everyone can do.

How to Offer Surya Arghya

  • Get up before sunrise, take bath, wear clean clothes and take water in the copper vessel. One can add Kumkum, red sandal, honey or jaggery, red flower and rice into the copper vessel along with the water.
  • While offering the water your face should be towards Sun (east direction) in the morning. Keep your hands high enough so that when the sun rays get refracted through the water offered, they get immersed into your body from head to toe splitting into the spectrum of seven colors energizing all the seven chakras from Crown to root chakra.
  • Pour steady stream of water and try to see the image of the sun in the water flowing through the vessel.
  • While offering the water recite the shloka with full devotion and love.
  • In places having water source nearby, one should offer arghya in the river or pond only.
  • One can offer the water into the soil too so that it gets absorbed there.
  • Offer water in a way that water does not get spilled over your feet.

Logic Behind The Healing Powers of Sun

In hindu mythology, Ashwini Kumars are the vaidya (doctors) who possess healing powers. Ashwini Kumar are the sons of Sun God and his wife Sanghya. Devi Sanghya gave birth to them when she has taken the form of female horse so the children are born as horses. Ashwa means horse and ashwini kumar means son of horse (female). Lord Sun is depicted as a God sitting on the chariot which is carried by the seven horses and among them two are Ashwini Kumars. They come with the early morning sunlight healing people. So one who offers water to Lord Sun also gets the blessings of ashwini kumars in the form of good sound health.

Scientific Logic Behind The Healing Powers

Sun rays get refracted through the water offered and breaks into seven colors spectrum VIBGYOR each having different wavelength & frequency. Body absorbs energy of all the colors from head to toe when we stand while doing the custom. These seven colors are the colors of seven energy centers, chakras. Thus offering water to Lord Sun cleanses negative energy, activates and balances all the seven chakras from Crown to root chakra. This is how Sun Rays Water Therapy heals us.

Why One Should Offer Water To Surya Dev – Benefits

  • Offering water is like Sun Rays Water Therapy which balances and activates the chakras.
  • In astrology Sun is the significance of father so it improves the relation with father.
  • Surya is considered as the King in astrology & in solar system thus it bestows high post, authority, fame, wisdom and good health.
  • Sunlight makes things visible which we see with eyes. Thus Sun is the significator of eyes and worshipping Lord Sun improves eyesight.
  • Solar plexus or solar chakra (manipura chakra) denotes the will, zeal, enthusiasm, decision-making power, metabolism and digestive system that is why worshipping Sun and offering water to Lord Surya can resolve problems related to these.
  • It improves the energy level, cleanses and enhances the aura.
  • Surya Arghya improves the condition of planet Sun in ones horoscope if it is weak or badly placed.
  • Sun is the giver of intelligence, discipline and right decision making ability, with the power of these Sun guide us towards right direction.
  • To be successful in government related matters be it a job or any other issue one should start offering water to Lord Sun because Sun is the karaka of Government.
  • Offering water to Sun purifies mind from all negative traits like anger, ego and irritability etc.

One can listen and learn the mantra here…

If you believe in the ancient culture and science then embed these samskaras to present and coming generations for their better future.

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