Ajna Chakra – The Third Eye Chakra

The Sixth Chakra refers to as ‘Agya’ or ‘Ajna’ or ‘Third Eye Chakra’. The word Agya (Ajna) literally means the order. It is the chakra of knowledge. This is our command centre and a place of introspection. From another point of view the center is connected with the power of Shiva who is considered as the highest wisdom in hinduism. It is said to be governed by pituitary gland, the master gland. The Third Eye Chakra separates the material and spiritual worlds. It promotes our psychic awareness and truthful attributes. Ajna Chakra takes you towards an inside journey and makes you realize the truth. This sixth chakra is the chakra of sixth sense.

Hatha Yoga & Third Eye Chakra

In yogic practices, there is a concept of energy channels in your body which are known as ‘Nadis’. In total these nadis are 72000 in numbers as per texts. One of them is the central energy channel ‘Sushumna Nadi’ which rises the energy up and creates favourable conditions for the enlightenment. Then there is an energy channel that spirals up on the right side of the body ‘Pingala Nadi’. Pingala Nadi refers to the sun energy or internal masculine energy. At the opposite side which is the left side, Ida Nadi rules. This energy channel in the body represents moon energy or internal feminine energy. These right and left channels terminate at end of the right and left nostrils. And this is the place for ajna chakra or third eye center.

At the third eye, we have the combination of both sun and the moon that is masculine and feminine energies. The masculine energy, Sun is called Shiva while the feminine energy, moon is the Shakti. In other words we can say Third Eye Chakra is the meeting point of Shiva and Shakti. When the shakti rises from muladhara, it unites with Shiva at third eye center.

We all have two types of energies flowing within us- negative and positive, sun and moon, masculine and feminine. So when these energies are imbalanced we do not feel a sense of ease and congruity. On the other hand once we gain a balance of these energies what we achieve is actually ‘hatha yoga’. Hatha means sun and the moon, Yoga means to unite. This union happens at the very centre of the Third Eye Chakra.

This is how Third eye center is very much connected to the Hatha Yoga.

Deeper Insight

The third eye chakra is the gateway of knowledge, intuition and sixth sense. Wisdom flows here at ajna chakra. In a way, we can say it is a point of meeting higher consciousness and jeeva (individual consciousness). The lower chakras are linked to material plane. All the material world is the combination of five elements. While third eye chakra is connection to the higher plane, beyond the five elements (panchtatva). Which actually means the play of panchtatva or maya or the existing world can be understood if the chakra is active. As we mentioned earlier that it is the seat of knowledge, hence it gives a bigger picture, a wide view, in short a place of upliftment.

How we take this world, a place of maya or the permanent residence depends on how balanced is the chakra. So the practitioner who has activated ajna chakra transcends the five elements. Moving up to the panch tatva he comes to the timeless zone. The micro consciousness unites with macro consciousness at the third eye chakra.

Each and every chakra does some job, has location and has effects. You can go through each chakra here.

Hinduism and The Third eye

Lord shiva is having the three eyes. The three eyes signify here that he is trikaal darshi which means who can see in all three aspects of time; past, present and future. The power is present in us too. The two eyes are for seeing the physical world which means we have seen past and seeing the present. What lies in future is linked to third eye. It not only about past present or future but actually it is about transcending time. The third eye of shiva is awakened but in us we still haven’t heightened our consciousness to that level.

There is also a tradition in hinduism that they apply bindi or tilak at third eye. It is not just a ritual but there is logic behind this tradition. Doing this will activate the chakra. Which is very much possible. When we give attention to something that starts manifesting. In the same way by applying the tilak on third eye we would have constant remembrance of that point. This in turn will help in activating the chakra. This point is also called Bhrumadhya. It is a significant point and therefore yogis has given many practices which include bhrumadhya drishti. Third is the center where duality fades off and clarity with truth comes out which is the real purpose of any spiritual practice.


The sixth chakra or the Third Eye Chakra is exactly located between the eyebrows. Or we can say it is behind the eyes in the middle of the head. So if we want to locate the consciousness this is the place in body. It is the location of our own intuition. It governs the brain, pituitary and pineal gland. This energy centre, Ajna chakra is responsible for psychic powers like telepathy, visualization or intuition. Hormonal system, eyesight, mental health come under the third eye chakra region.

Significance Of Colour

The colour associated with the Third Eye Chakra is Deep Indigo. The colour is mix of blue and purple and hence contains the properties of both. This is the colour energy that induces creativity, intuition, intelligence and wisdom, impartiality and spirituality. This is the colour of mind and thoughts. When capturing and understanding an individual aura the presence and absence of indigo colour apparently signify about the characteristics, habits, diseases and a true reflection of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual condition. The colour governs clear thoughts, self quiet contemplation. The colour symbolizes the psychic abilities, spiritual wisdom and mental abilities.


The Seed Mantra for Third Eye Chakra is ‘Aum’. This is the vowel sound perpetually grateful for aligning and balancing the sixth chakra. Imaginative and psychic abilities tend to develop while resonating this sacred sound in the whole body. We need to repeat the sound with a still but higher ‘Aum’ with focusing between the eyebrows while sitting comfortably in a meditation. Accelerated mental activity and brain functioning improve considerably when
the beej mantra of Third Eye Chakra is chanted. Undoubtedly beej mantras are very powerful mantras. To more about them see the blog on Beej Mantra.

One who constantly meditates on this chakra with sound and bhrumadhya drishti can attain spiritual powers and a peaceful mind. Consequently, one becomes quite wise and has a good mental health which not only help oneself but to mankind. Sound activates the pituitary and pineal gland and keep brain in good shape. Brain is the seat of consciousness, thus the sound connects us to the real self.

Symbol Of Third Eye Chakra

What the symbol says? It has 2 petals which represent moon & sun and also Ida & Pingala Nadi. These two nadis meet sushumna nadi here at third eye. Circle represents the void, the divine, the infinite. Inside there is downward triangle (shakti) and a lingam. The colour is Deep Indigo. The dormant kundalini energy is activated at the Third Eye Chakra.

In traditional hindu symbol two petals have two syllables ham and ksham. The third eye is unification of Shiva and Shakti and thus this form can also be depicted as ardhanarishwar (half shiva and half shakti form). Feminine and masculine energies merge here into one. If the chakra is balanced, these two energies are working fine and are balanced too.

Third Eye / Ajna Chakra Symbol

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

Third eye chakra is one of the important chakra for all the spiritual practices. Apart from that balanced Ajna chakra gives clarity to thoughts, the intuitive sense and creativity. This gives us ability to see beyond what is seen. The chakra at bhrumadhya is directly related to brain, pituitary and pineal. Therefore the blocked or imbalanced third eye chakra going to impact the physical body as well as the psychological. This is the chakra responsible for mental health.

Below are the clear signs that indicate your sixth chakra or third eye chakra is either blocked or off-balanced. Check whether you are experiencing the same or not and keep reading ahead for the Third Eye Chakra balancing and activation:

Physical Symptoms of a closed/blocked/off-balanced Ajna Chakra:

  • Sleeping disorders tend to rise causing insomnia.
  • The vision is affected and the eyesight turned out to be weak and feeble if the third eye imbalances persisted.
  • You can experience headaches, migraines, dizziness or vertigo.
  • Brain disorders.
  • Endocrine issues may arise as the chakra is connected to main gland like pituitary and pineal.

Psychological Symptoms of a closed/blocked/off-balanced Ajna Chakra:

  • Having unknown fears and propelling procrastination.
  • A confused and clouded state of mind.
  • Stuck in the your own mind.
  • Lack of clarity which is much needed for taking decisions.
  • Inability to accept change.
  • Thought become negative and that may lead to depression or anger.
  • Fear in mind can make one restless and anxious.
  • Cannot see beyond the physical world.
  • Problem in connecting with the inner world.

Overactive Ajna Chakra:

  • Hallucinations.
  • Living in other world, fantasy world.
  • Not only its connecting to spiritual world but also we connect to negative energies.
  • Not able to balance the practical life as the person lives more in psychic world.

A Healthy & Balanced Third Eye Chakra

  • You will let go old and embrace new.
  • Great intuition.
  • Able to see wider view. Can see beyond what is just seen.
  • High intellect as well as sixth sense.
  • You can count on your inner sense for guidance.
  • Will be able to work on fears and face them off.
  • You will develop clairvoyance, telepathy and astral travels. Third eye is center for psychic powers.
  • Spiritual practitioner can make flow of prana through sushumna nadi.

Let’s dive into how to open and balance the third eye chakra.

How To Open / Heal / Balance / Activate Third Eye Chakra

Stimulation of Third Eye Chakra or the pineal gland can reap wonderful results. You will begin to unravel life’s mystery and open up the window of reality. The intuition heightened and you create the manifestation of reality through the power of the third eye. On activation people see some light and visuals wandering and hovering at the third eye spot. Actually, we are reversing the process as we are closing the external eyes during Third Eye Meditation and start to open the third eye within us to see everything.

For the restoration of an imbalanced Third Eye Chakra, there are several techniques and methods that can be adopted.

The Sound Meditation or Chanting

Firstly we talk about the sound. Mantra meditation is effectively beneficial for all types of Chakra blockages. Chanting the mantra ‘Aum’ can reverberate the very being in you and distinguish between the false and the truth, separate the internal and external and remove the conflict of duality within you. Practising chanting meditation daily specifically for Third Eye Chakra can heal mental issues and activate the psychic powers. Below is the technique to sit in the chanting and connecting with the sound of chakra.

  • So sit in the comfortable position steadily.
  • Keep your spine erect all the time.
  • Breath in and out deeply.
  • Turn on the sound ‘Aum’ or you can chant by yourself.
  • Focus on the sound while saying and listening.
  • If the thoughts come, let them come and go. Do not indulge or fight. Bring your awareness back on third eye.
  • Sit as long as you wish.

The meditation on AUM will heal the Ajna chakra and activate it. After a few days of practice you will feel the positive changes in you. With this, you find that you have more command on your mind. Negative thoughts fade away and you will have clarity. You start to experience the inner silence and power. Thus practising mantra chanting will tune the Ajna chakra to the right vibrations with the universe. It will open the gates to inner world.

With Colour and Symbol

Be in a comfortable and relaxed position. Close your eyes and bring your attention to center of eyebrows. Bring your awareness to natural breathing. Image the indigo colour glowing at the third eye. Visualize the 2 petalled symbol there with Aum written inside. Feel the colour is spreading wider inside. You are filled with the energy of indigo color symbol. Feel the environment inside. If you feel some obstruction then feel this is going out every time you exhale. Stay as long as you want and let the energies flow.

If you cannot visualize you can place a symbol in front of eyes. Fix your gaze and do tratak. Now feel the room is filled with the symbol and so are you. Feel the blessings and opening of the chakra.

One should combine the mantra and symbol technique together if one can easily or one can take two together once stabilized with one technique.

Yogic Practices

Yoga is the way of holistic living as well as for spiritual upliftment. There are some asanas (poses) as well as kriya that certainly are beneficial for Third Eye Chakra. Meditative asanas such as padmasana with focus on third eye, along with that eagle pose, child pose, forward fold. Tratak is one of the excellent practice for third eye activation. Apart from that there are many yoga asanas can assimilate Ajna chakra activation along with overall well-being. Pranayama like Bhramari can miraculously affect the chakra. Along with the pranayama, asana, and tratak, practicing bhrumadhya drishti has great impact on the sixth chakra. But learn and practice under the guidance of master only.

Reiki Healing

As we have talked in other chakra blogs that Reiki Healing sessions would be of great help in chakra cleaning, charging and balancing. A reiki master is the expert of chakras and aura. Various techniques like crystal, healing, chakra healing and colour healing are the part of the session. Both touch healing or distant healing from the master are helpful. Time needed to balance the chakras depends on the blockages. The master or reiki grandmaster clears off the negativity and balance the chakras. You will feel balanced and relaxed full of positive vibes.

reiki healing for the balancing chakras

With Stones & Crystals

There are numerous stones and all have own vibrational frequency. They activates and balance the chakra. As crystals vibrate on their frequencies so choose the crystals which get tune up with the frequency of Third Eye chakra. Stones or crystals that can be worn are Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Azurite, Amethyst are the few. You can wear them in your neck or keep them with you in raw form. Crystals can deepen your practice while meditation too. Be in the energetic field of stones and feel the effect.


Lastly affirmations!!! These are the constant reminder to the subconscious mind. These are seeds which germinate into a tree one day. To manifest the desired intention into reality, affirmations play a key role for positive healing of Chakras. These will keep connected to the chakra.

Some of the Third Eye Chakra Affirmations are:

  1. I can see clearly.
  2. I trust my intuition.
  3. All I need is within me.
  4. I am open to the wisdom, learning, new attitude, fresh view.
  5. I am at peace.
  6. Divine is connected to me.
  7. I am intuitive and insightful.
  8. I see the best in myself and others.
  9. It is safe for me to see the truth.
  10. I create and manifest my life.
  11. I know the answer.

Connect With Divine, See Truth, Get Attuned With AUM, Have An Intuitive Vision!!!


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