Muladhara – The Root Chakra

Muladhara or root chakra is the base of chakra system. It is the foundation of being alive. ‘Being grounded as the root of the tree are’ is associated with the root chakra. The roots of the tree stabilize the tree to stand tall with firm base. Similarly the balanced muladhara gives the sense of grounding in life. The root chakra channelizes the basics of life like food, shelter and security. Thus we can say that root chakra is the place of primal survival.

Muladhara – Mula means ‘the fundamental’ and Adhara is ‘the base’. The fundamental base is the muladhara. This chakra is the link between the earth and physical body. We get the energy to survive from the mother earth in the same fashion as roots get nutrients from the earth. And likewise roots sends nutrients taken from earth to the whole tree upward, our chakra system does the same. Hence if one channelizes the energies properly and all the chakras and nadis are clean then energy from the root chakra propels upward.


Root Chakra (Muladhara) Location in Human Body
Location Of The Root Chakra In Human Body

If we need to locate the chakras in physical body then we can say the spine is the house of all seven chakras and the root chakra is at the bottom. Located just below the spine ends – the pelvic floor, near the perineum, root chakra handles the basic instincts that all the living beings have.

The Blocked or Imbalanced Muladhara

But when the energy of root chakra is imbalanced or the chakra is blocked or the chakra is not charged then all fear comes up. Insecurities of life create havoc and sense of belonging is lost. Moreover one may feel depressed, not interested in world, anxious, restless, in rage, angry and insecure. Negative thinking and deprivation of hope, lost focus are few more symptoms of imbalanced muladhara.

Not to forget that the root chakra contains the seed of past lives and past karmas. So the karmic issues, traumas, fears since childhood all are also related to root chakra.

  • Fear and insecurities
  • Depression, loss of hope
  • Negative thinking and approach towards life
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Instability
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Doubts
  • Not in good terms with food, thus problems in digestion arise
  • Lethargic
  • No interest in world
  • Pain in legs or feet
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Feeling of uncertainty

Generally situations like loss of loved ones, loss of job, financial crisis, loss of shelter or anything which shatters the sense of security causes the imbalance or blockage. The traumas are the hindrance but when we face them fearlessly and stay strong then they are like the stairs to the journey called life.

Symptoms Of Balanced Root Chakra

What an opened, cleaned, balanced chakra can do? It gives hope! hope to live, hope of happy life. Along with that it fills the sense of stability, security, fearlessness, focus, positivity in the individual. One becomes the powerful enough to complete the karmic account without fear. Bad karmic issues get resolved and willingness to live life with joy is the most precious gift. In addition, concentration is better, clouds of doubts fly off and food habits goes better. Therefore we need to balance the chakra to channelize its energy in proper direction.

Significance Of Color and Sound Of Chakra

The Color

Color of the chakra is RED which is the color of energy, the energy of survival. It also depicts danger, yes when the chakra is not working properly it endangers life. It signifies to do the right dharma to live. So that the bad karmic seeds can be paid of and a new foundation is laid on to for next births. Thus It is important to survive with dignity, integrity, honesty and pride so the we can be fearless. Getting the needful resources by wrong means again imposes the insecurity and fear.

LAM – The Beej Mantra of Root Chakra

Because everything is vibration and each vibration is a sound. For this reason the chakra also vibrates. In Fact they are the energy centers, so it’s obvious that they have some sound or vibration or frequency. Yes there is a particular frequency of Root Chakra. Root chakra vibrates on the frequency of ‘LAM’. And the sound or the Bija mantra of Root Chakra is ‘LAM’.

That is why connecting to the sound frequency of LAM balances the chakra. It removes worry and tensions, heals depression and inbuilts the feeling to live, to connect to world. Sense of security, fearlessness, feeling grounded, humble, strong are the signs of balanced chakra. Balanced root chakra is the chakra having frequency same as of mantra LAM.

Besides the above the sound of muladhara opens the dormant energies of the chakra. When the opened energies flow in the right direction, it raises the consciousness of the individual. Consciousness is awakened and again opens the doors of new experiences.

How To Open & Balance The Root Chakra

The Sound

The sound of root chakra - LAM
Chant or meditate on the beej mantra of root chakra i.e. LAM

By Now we know the sound of Root Chakra is ‘LAM’. Chanting the Bija Mantra (the seed mantra) ‘Lam’ cleans, opens and balances the chakra.

In fact meditation and chanting on the sound ‘LAM’ is one of the best technique for a balanced root chakra. Sit in a comfortable meditative pose with the upright spinal column. Make sure there is no mess around in the room. Surrounding should be clean and organised. Turn on the sound ‘Lam’ or one can chant on its own. Eventually by listening you with merge into the sound of ‘Lam’. And day by day you will get attuned and the chakra will give more power to you.

With Color and Symbol

the symbol of root chakra

The symbol of four petals and a triangle at the center. This triangle in downward direction is the symbolism of feminine energy.

Here visualization plays an important role. Imagine a four petal shape in red color having the Lam written in the center. Feel the symbol at the base of the spine on pelvic floor. The more you will be able to feel the color and symbol the better is. Feel the color is spreading and the petals are blossoming. Do this practice with meditative state of mind daily or whenever you feel low, depressed or restless.

Besides the above method one can place a picture of symbol in front of the eyes and concentrating on it keeping the spine straight. Doing tratak with open eyes first and then with the closed eyes visualize the symbol within.

With Reiki Healing – Root Chakra Healing

reiki healing for the balancing chakras

Reiki is an ancient healing technique. Moreover, it works on the principle of energy and light. Cleaning and enhancing the aura along with balancing the chakra are quite effective with this healing method. One can learn the technique from the reiki master or can ask for healing to a reiki healer. Usually one feels relaxed and balanced soon after a reiki session.

With Stones, Gems and Crystals

Keep the crystal in the form of necklace, ring or any other ornament. Because at last the purpose is to be in the field of the gemstone or the crystal. Red Jasper, Red Carnelian are for enhancing the energies of the root chakra. Another stone obsidian is to clear off the negative energies and to give protection.

With Yoga Asanas

Likewise the yoga too has the solution for balancing the chakras. The poses like Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Anjaneyasana, Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold), Malasana (Garland Pose) will help in activating the muladhara chakra. Practice with the awareness at the location of root chakra, the base of spine.

Balance the Root Chakra With Thoughts & Affirmations

  • I am secure, safe and fearless.
  • I am stable and grounded.
  • I have healthy body and mind and all the resources in plenty to live a happy life.
  • I trust myself.
  • I have a good connect to the world.

The affirmations are the positive thoughts which we keep embedding. As the law say what we think we become. So hence affirmations works on the same principle but for these to work one has to have faith.

Happiness, positivity, awakening are the results of balanced chakra system but before that karmic seeds of many lives which can give painful experiences too need to be buried. The traumas need healing with proper guidance and love.

Attune to the sound of ‘LAM’! Believe ‘I AM HEALED’ ! And be regular in practice of meditation of the chakra!

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