Swadhisthana – The Sacral Chakra

Chakra are the subtle energy centers and Swadhisthana or Sacral chakra is the second in chakra system. Another name for the swadhisthana or sacral chakra is ‘The Creative Chakra’. While the first chakra, muladhara deals with survival instincts the second chakra moves a step beyond for creation. Once the roots are firm the plants starts creating new buds and coming out of the seed to the world.

Nature creates, all creation is by the prakriti and we are the part of creation of nature. Then it is obvious to have the same expression of creation in us. The chakra which governs this expression is the sacral chakra. As the nature maintains the cordial relationship among its creatures thus we can do the same with the sacral chakra, as it is the seat of relationships. The feelings and emotions are the gifts of the sacral chakra. Creativity, sexuality, feelings, expression of karmas, joy are associated with the this too.

Swadhisthana – Swa means ‘the self’ and Adhisthana is ‘established’. ‘The Established Self’ – this is how we can define the sacral chakra. This chakra takes energies propagated from the root chakra to the next levels. Many Siddhas, yogis, practitioners are into the tantra or kundalini shakti. They work on awakening of chakras. They are working on propelling the chakra energies to the higher chakras by various techniques under the guidance of the master.

The chakra is concerned with more of subconscious. The desires and and the subtle thoughts or we can say from where the thoughts arises is sacral chakra.

Muladhara is the seat of karmic seeds and swadhisthana is the seat where these seed form karmas sprouts and takes form.


Swadhisthana is located two finger width above the root chakra which is located at the bottom of spine. Or we can say it is just below the navel. The place of sacral chakra tells itself about its association with the body parts. The organs which are responsible for creation i.e, ovaries, testes, genitals.

The Six Petals

We take birth with the 6 kaam, krodha, mad, moha, lobha, ahamkara. These are called the shadripus. They signifies 6 things which are essential to be removed. In a way these are giving the purpose of life and purpose of sacral chakra. Sacral chakra manages these otherwise if they manage the chakra, chakra get blocked or over exhausted or imbalanced. Our vedic texts says, they are shadripus means the 6 enemies. And who want to be the enemy. We need to win over the enemies to lead a happy life.

  • Kama – Desires
  • Krodha – Anger
  • Mad – Addictions
  • Moha – Attachment
  • Lobha – Greed
  • Ahamkara – Bad Ego

Number 6 also indicates that one should give importance of love and expression. Chasing materialism can make us dry and emotionless. Less of love and more of desires. The balance should be there to enjoy the life.

The Element Water

Fluid, flow, movement, emotions, vrittis are associated with water. Very clearly we have seen when water is flowing it cleans and charges itself. Only steady water becomes dirty, so is the chakra. Let the energies of the sacral chakra flow it will make the way itself. take risks, create more. When we create we become happy. We all have must experienced this. Whether its a painting, or trying out new recipe, the child or anything. Anything new that we create brings happiness, joy, bliss and always pleasurable. The same is the case with emotions whenever they get stuck they make us depressed and suppressed. Let them flow with love, do not hinder!

The Blocked or Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

Any kind of imbalance blockage, overactive or underactive all cause problems on physical and mental plane. Blocked chakra means blocked energy, overactive sacral chakra represents the excess of emotions like storm in water and underactive chakra represents energies are not working properly which may lead to suppression, lack of innovation, samskaras are not getting expressed.

Symptoms of An Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

  • Addictions
  • Repressed emotions or over reactions
  • Lack of creativity
  • Fear of happiness
  • More of desires and greed if overactive.
  • Attachment turning into obsession
  • less or over passionate
  • Not in harmony with others
  • lower back pain
  • hormonal imbalance
  • sexual disorders
  • feeling of guilt
  • gynecological disorders
  • kidney issues
  • urinary problems
  • constipation
  • unhealthy relations
  • over detachment
  • getting lost in fantasies
  • holding onto something more than required

An abusive relationship or sexual harassment can be one of the reason of the blocked sacral chakra. Other than this getting too much attached to someone and then separation may also imbalance the swadhisthana. Another reason is not taking part in any creative activity and living a monotonous life. The routine life is also one of the cause of underactive sacral chakra. Thus in short many day to day life incidents are responsible for the imbalanced energy of chakra. So we need to clean the negativity of chakra on regular intervals.

Symptoms Of Balanced Sacral Chakra

The “happy and creative you” is the result of balanced sacral chakra. Balanced emotions, love, flexibility, let go and move, controlled desires yet not being desireless, healthy relationships, flow of creativity are the few signs of balanced, open chakra. In spite of that not being caught by the shadripus – the six enemies are the fruits of rightly directed energies of sacral chakra. Thus, the healing of sacral chakra is of great importance for a pleasurable life.

Significance Of Color and Sound Of Swadhisthana

The Color

Color of the chakra is Orange, just like the color at the sunrise. The new dawn brings the new opportunities, new beginnings, happiness. The orange is the color of warmth, motivation, fun and positive attitude. In bad times it relaxes and helps you to stay positive and motivated if balanced. Another color, Light blue is associated with the sacral chakra as its element is water.

VAM – The Beej Mantra of Sacral Chakra

Our chakra system is the energy center point which vibrates at some frequency. Because everything is vibration and each vibration is a sound. For this reason the sacral chakra also vibrates and has its own sound. Sacral chakra vibrates on the frequency of ‘VAM’. And the sound or the Bija mantra of Sacral Chakra is ‘VAM’.

Undoubtedly vibrations of VAM balances the chakra. It removes blockages and hindrance. The flow of life restores back to normal when one attunes to the frequency of chakra. Sense of positivity, being creative, feeling happy, ready for new beginnings, are the signs of balanced sacral chakra. Balanced sacral chakra is the chakra having frequency same as of mantra VAM.

Besides the above, on practising the meditation on mantra Swadhisthana reveals the secrets of the chakra. It raises the consciousness of the individual, heightens the level of awareness. An awakened individual always has more windows to the new beginnings.

How To Open & Balance The Sacral Chakra

The Sound

As we know the sound of Sacral Chakra is ‘Vam’. Chanting the Bija Mantra (the seed mantra) ‘Vam’ cleans, opens and balances the chakra.

In fact meditation and chanting on the sound ‘VAM’ is one of the best technique to balance sacral chakra. As we all are originated from sound, meditating on sound will affect quickly.

Try to sit in a comfortable meditative pose with the upright spinal column or you can sit in sukhasana simply. Make sure you are sitting at clean and organised place. Because mess around can create mess inside for a beginner. Turn on the sound ‘Vam’ or you can chant on its own also. Chant or meditate on the sound. Eventually by listening you will attune to the sound of ‘Vam’. On continuous practice the chakra gets balance and will start revealing the inner hidden power in itself.

With Color and Symbol

Sacral chakra is a six petalled lotus with a crescent moon which represents water. Visualize the symbol in orange color with Vam written in the center. Feel the symbol below the navel which is the location of Sacral Chakra. The more you will be able to feel the color and symbol the better is the effect. Imagine the color is spreading all over and the petals are blossoming. Follow this practice with calm state of mind daily or whenever you feel.

The another method is to keep the picture of symbol in front of the eyes and concentrate on it. Practice tratak with open eyes first. And gradually when you feel close the eyes and visualize the symbol within.

With Reiki Healing – Sacral Chakra Healing

Another powerful technique you can opt for healing sacral chakra is Reiki. It is an ancient healing technique which works on the principle of energy and light. Cleaning and enhancing the aura along with balancing the chakra are quite effective with this healing method. One can take the sessions from the reiki healer or can learn the technique to heal himself. Usually one feels relaxed and balanced soon after a reiki session. However the time or days of healing depends on the blockage.

With Stones, Gems and Crystals

For opening, charging, cleaning and balancing stones are used. Wear the crystals in the form of pendant, ring or any other ornament. You can simply keep a stone in raw form too. The purpose is to be in the field of the gemstone or the crystal. Orange Calcite are for enhancing the energies of the sacral chakra. Another stone Carnelian is of deep orange color associated with the fertility of mother. Other stones are sunstone, Peach Aventurine and citrine. And if the chakra is overactive then one can use quartz, amethyst, amber and more.

With Yoga Asanas

Do yoga for swadhisthana chakra. The poses like Upavistha Konasana (Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend), Gomukhasana (Cow Face), Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) are the few asanas nurtures the sacral chakra, strengthens the muscles and organs in the region of chakra. Keep the awareness at the location of sacral chakra while practicing the yoga.

Balance the Sacral Chakra With Thoughts & Affirmations

  • I allow creativity to flow.
  • I embrace sensuality.
  • Pleasure is the sacred part of my life.
  • I am joyful, passionate and creative.
  • I am open to pleasure, abundance and prosperity.

The positive thoughts are the powerful tool for healing. And affirmations are the positive thoughts which we keep embedding in our mind. As the law say what we think we become. Discover the power of affirmations!!!

Merge into the sound of ‘Vam’! Embed Positivity ! And be regular in practice of meditation of the chakra!


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