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Yoga has always been a support to keep body healthy and fit. And first step to keep oneself healthy is having ‘the protection, the strong kavach (protection sheet)  i.e. strong immune system‘. Diseases, viruses etc are like the entities in the environment which can harm body or mind. Don’t let them enter into your zone and for this one needs to have a strong protective layer.

Yoga has given the solution here too. Asanas (postures) are designed in a way that they boost up the immune system. An ancient way without any side effects, a proven natural healing methodology to keep body fit is YOGA. Since ages our sages are practicing yoga and asanas for many purposes. So why don’t we carry on our ancient lineage and practice this proven scientific way – yoga, to lead healthy and beautiful life.

Boost Immune System With Yoga To Fight Corona

For having a good immune system Thymus Gland should work actively and should be balanced. It lies above heart and below throat, behind the chest bone sternum. Others organs and body parts which contribute for the immunity are spleen, tonsils, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, adenoids, skin, and liver. Detoxification and relieving stress is also important to have a strong immune system.

Whether its corona lockdown or weather restricting outdoor activities and workouts, one can improve immunity, stay fit and can fight with diseases with yoga poses which can be easily done at home. Keep yourself fit and the share as much as possible to keep everyone immune!

Let’s balance and activate these glands and organs with yoga asanas.

Setu Bandha Asana – The Bridge Pose

We are focussed mainly here on immunity boosting asanas so let’s talk about that benefit of bridge pose. How it helps in improving immunity.

The picture shows one of the variation of setubandha asana- the bridge pose.

Setubandha asana- the bridge pose Variation 1

This asana stretches and expands the upper body with nice back bend. In final stages chin touches chest area (below throat area and above heart) with gentle pressure. And here we know thymus resides. So clearly bridge pose is hitting on the immunity point and strengthening the immunity.

As the name suggests it resembles bridge. Setu means the bridge.

This is the another version of the bridge pose. One can start with this variation supporting back with hands.

Variation 2 of yoga posture setubandha - the bridge pose

Stretched chest and shoulder opens chest region relieving respiratory problems and helpful in correcting round slouched shoulders. A very good asana for managing asthma.

Setu bandha asana gives a nice stretch to digestive and reproductive organs. Strengthens spine.

Throat region get compressed when the practitioner places his chin on the chest activating the thyroid and thymus gland there.

Caution: Avoid practicing in case of any back or neck injury. In case of any abdominal problems.


  • Activates thymus and improves immune System
  • Strengthen respiratory, digestive and reproductive organs.
  • Strengthens spine.

Matsaya Asana – The Fish Pose

As the name suggests it resembles fish. Matsaya means the fish. In this asana whole chest is stretched and expanded and here is what thymus is located, thus activates the thymus and improves immunity.

matsaya asana- the fish pose

This is complete traditional matsyasana – the fish pose. This is also counter pose of sarvanga and vipritkarani

This posture is restorative posture. It opens heart and chest region. Helpful in respiratory problems and makes the breath deep and easy flowing.

Digestive organs get stretched in this asanas so it gives a sweet stretch to spleen, pancreas, liver and other organs.

Relaxes spine as we sit with spine straight or hunched back. Back is bending backward here and relaxing spine from all day discomfort.

Variation of Matsayasana- the fish pose for yoga beginners.

This is another version of matsyasana – the fish pose. Here legs are not in padmasana. Legs are straight resting on ground. Beginners should start with this.

Unlike the bridge pose throat region get stretched and expanded hence activating the gland there too, thyroid gland to keep it in good health. While in bridge pose back of the neck is stretched but the front neck is compressed. For activation both compression and expansion is important. So in Bridge Pose it is compression of throat region and in fish pose it is expansion. Both the poses are doing more to stagnant glands, thus help in activating and opening.

Caution: Avoid practicing in case of any back or neck injury and in case of high blood pressure.


  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Balanced Hormonal System
  • Relaxes and strengthen spine and neck.
  • Deepens breathing
  • Strengthen respiratory, digestive and reproductive organs.

Viprita Karani – The Inverted Pose

Vipreet karani the inverted pose. A Yoga asana which cures many diseases

An inverted pose which can be done with the help of wall & blocks. A great immunity booster, stress reliever and thymus stimulator. Asana practice eases the flow of oxygen to brain and upper heart organs. Viprit karni is helpful in relieving headaches, cures lower blood pressure and calms the chattering of mind. Legs & feet get relaxed in this posture and give a sense of relief to exhausted muscles from long hours of standing. Vipritkarani is helpful in insomnia too. Good for reproductive organs. Helps in balancing the hormonal system as it balances thymus, reproductive hormones and brain too by increasing the supply of oxygenated blood.

Viprit karani is also pre-posture for sarvangasana (shoulder stand).

Caution: Avoid practicing in case of hypertension and heart problems.


  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Balanced Hormonal System
  • Calms mind, relieves stress, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Relaxes legs and feet.

Note: Matsaya asana, the fish pose is counter pose to vipreet karani and sarvangasana.

Bhujanasana – The Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana - The Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana resembles raised hood cobra. In this asana we raise our chest, it gets a nice stretch and expansion hence activating the thymus there and strengthens the immune system as thymus is primary responsible for immunity. Broad shoulders, open chest and curved upper back (thoracic region) opens heart and chest region. From the stomach region till feet everything rests at the ground and get a good massage and pressure there. Bhujangasana alleviates appetite, improves metabolism, relieves constipation and tones up the digestive organs. This rejuvenating asana relaxes spine keeping it supple and healthy. It tones reproductive organs like uterus, ovaries etc and helps in gynaecological problems.

Caution: Avoid practicing in case of any back injury, intestinal problems and if one is pregnant.


  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Tones Digestive System
  • Relaxes and strengthens spine.
  • Strengthens respiratory system and deepens breathing.

Halasana – The Plough Pose

The hala or plough is a tool for preparing the soil for sowing. The posture resembles the traditional plough. This is an inverted posture where chin is in contact with chest bone and is beneficial in activating & balancing the thymus and thyroid glands. It is an effective asana for abdominal muscles and stimulates spleen. Halasana has great positive effect on immune system. Practitioner should include this asana in his routine practice. It harmonises the mind and cures low blood pressure too.

Caution: In case of high blood pressure, neck injuries and serious back issues Halasana should be avoided.

Balasana/Shashankasana – The Child Pose

Lets get relax for a while!

Balasana - the child pose variation one
Balasana - the child pose variation two

Balasana is relaxing pose for the mind and helpful in relieving stress which can compromise the immune system. This is beneficial asana for reproductive organs and digestive system. Also relieves constipation thus helps in detoxification. It is a great posture for relaxing spine.

Caution : Practice under the guidance if having slip disc or high blood pressure.

Ushtrasana – The Camel Pose

Front neck, Chest and abdominal region get stretched in this asana which stimulates all the gland in these regions like thyroid, thymus etc.

Thus it boosts immune system activating thymus. Helpful in respiratory problems and makes the breath deep and smooth. Organs like spleen, pancreas, liver etc get activated by the practice of ushtrasana. Stretches intestines hence relieving constipation. Whole spine is curved back in this camel pose which relaxes the spine from all day discomfort.

Caution: Avoid practicing in case of any back or neck injury and in case of high blood pressure.

List of the asanas are long, here we tried to explain those which are quite effective for boosting immunity.

One can choose and practice as per own capacities and limits. Do not overdo and stay within the limits. Keep yourself fit, healthy and immune!  

One should start practice with the invocation and blessings of sage Patanjali. And end the practice with thanks and gratitude.

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