Shiva Chopped Off Brahma’s Head – Deeper Insight

In hindu mythology there are millions of stories about the Gods and Goddesses. Each story holds up a deeper meaning inside. These myths give the right way of living in the symbolic form. Below is the story of clash between two main Gods of Hinduism, Brahma and Vishnu and why Shiva cut Brahma’s head.

The Mythology of Gods – Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma

Once there is an argument between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Both are the Gods of Trinity and arguing on who is greater. The Shiva Lingam comes in between and they decided to find the top and bottom end of the Lingam. Both agreed on who will find the topmost or bottommost end first, will be the winner.

Lord Brahma went towards the upward direction and Lord Vishnu moved downwards. By the time, Lord Vishnu got tired but could not find the end. While Lord Brahma encountered a flower on the way and asked it to be his fake witness. He did not reached to the top but convinced the flower to give false statement. By hook or crook he wanted to win. Both the Lords finally met up. Lord Vishnu said he could not find the end but Lord Brahma said “I did and here is the witness too”.

Due to the false statement of Lord Brahma and that flower, Shiva has to appear and opened up the truth. He said “Flower is lying and so is Brahma”. Lord Brahma has five heads. Shiva chopped off his head through which he has lied. He has forbidden the worship of Lord Brahma on earth too.

Though there are many versions of the story but the wisdom behind is same. What the story signifies?

Who is the Brahma in this story?

  1. Want to be great without making the efforts
  2. Lying
  3. Creating false witness
  4. Ego
  5. Non Acceptance

Who is Vishnu?

  1. Want to be great and did efforts.
  2. Following the right path
  3. Acceptance
  4. Surrendering

To know more about the Lord Vishnu, one of the main Trinity God, read the blog here.

Who is Shiva?

He is the source. He is nothing. The supreme consciousness who knows the truth. Who is inside us all the time. He is the origin & end as well. But we cannot find the source when filled with ego and afflictions (referring Brahma by the story).

  1. Ultimate
  2. No Origin, No end
  3. Who is the origin and the end
  4. true self
  5. who is present everywhere as the consciousness.

Lord Shiva is destroyer in the trinity Gods, But the maha mrityunjaya mantra of Lord Shiva saves from the everything. Why is the contradiction? Who is he? Know here.

What are the powerful mantras of Lord Shiva?

The Deeper Insight

Brahma & Vishnu are fighting to be the greatest one, similarly the false ego (false I) desires and fights. The real I (Shiva) does not participate in these small things as it knows who is he. Supreme ones does not need to prove themselves. They do not demand to be called the greatest.

The Vishnu gave up and acknowledged that he could not find the end. Due to his accepting mode when he surrendered he met the shiva (the true self). But Brahma neither followed the right path nor accepted. While on the top of that his desire was that strong that he wanted to acclaim his false victory. This is what the ego does. Ego does not let us surrender and always wants to be correct. This in turn distance us more from realizing the truth. It is like we do not want to accept the truth even if it is in front of us. We want what we want. No matter it is fake or real. Unless or until we chop of the ego and afflictions we could not realise the reality.

Ego wants to be right always and deep desires make us follow the short cuts. And the result is we caught up in our own bubble. On the other hand, when we know the truth, drop the false I, cut down the desires then we do not want to be in the competition. We do not want to be in the race of win and lose. Life is the journey to continuously keep a check on ourselves. And awareness is the knife to chop off the false I.


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